It seems Mother Nature has had quite a field day with those of us in the U.S., this winter. I, like many other people, have had enough of the cold, wet, snowy, nasty weather, and am quite ready to hit the open road in search of new places and adventures. Those sunny days filled with long stretches of two-lane roads, Mom & Pop diners, odd-looking structures in the middle of nowhere, and over-priced souvenir shops are approaching us, once again. For those lucky enough to live in the slightly warmer regions of the country, the time to dig out the tents, or open up the campers to start the annual cleaning ritual is nothing short of confusing. It’s still winter, but the weather is getting warmer. Do we procrastinate, and put it off for another day? No! Stop being lazy, and clean out that grimy little Hibachi grill, get the moths (and other dead critters) out of the camper, and for Pete’s sake…take those nasty sleeping bags to the laundromat, and give’em a thorough washing! Oh…about that cooler that’s growing your mold spore collection: get rid of it, and buy a new one. Sure, there are many ways to save money out on the road, but you shouldn’t skimp on your camping gear (if you actually have any). Just remember: the old neon signs at vintage motels and diners will be in view, the greasy burgers in front of you, and the run-down gas stations will plentiful soon enough (I’ll try not to mention the disgusting restrooms at some of those places). So, saddle-up and get ready for another season of adventure.

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