We’ve all seen them. Driving across a two-lane highway, out in the middle of nowhere. What are they? Most of the time we don’t know. An abandoned building? Maybe a missle silo? Odd-looking structures are everywhere. If we aren’t looking for them, they mysteriously show up in our view. The desert southwest seems to be  littered with them. By the time we realize something strange is out there, it’s usually too late to turn around, and go check it out. If we’re lucky, we can find a place to pull off of the road, and investigate…provided there aren’t any gates or fences in the way…better yet, no warning signs stating something about no trespassing, or military installation (use of deadly force, etc). There’s something about spotting one of these things that just gets our curiosity going, and the need to have a closer look gets the best of us.

The sheer amount of odd things in the desert really isn’t known, it can only be guessed. One thing for sure, there’s a pretty good chance a lot of them are hiding in plain sight. Most of the time, they are only marked by some antennae rising above the ground, or attached to a small building. Whatever the case, they are out there, waiting to be discovered, and as long as nothing is in place to stop us, I say go for it. However, it would be a good idea to keep a watchful eye open, just in case another vehicle shows up in the area…such as a plain white SUV, or the local sheriff. That would usually mean it’s a good time to scatter out of the vicinity.

On that note: the next time you’re on a road trip heading through the wide-open spaces, pay attention to your surroundings…you never know just what you will see out there.


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